Oct 26, 2009

Nazrul from KL- GTUG on Wave ~ Catch him live on 31st!!

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I'm the founder of GTUG Kuala Lumpur. I'm a freelance Web designer & developer for Redboot Solutions, a web consultancy.

2. How has the experience been opening the KL-GTUG?

It's been awesome. The support & responses were tremendously great from the community. GTUG KL is very proactive with meetups & hackathons happening almost every month. So far, we had 2 meetups & 2 hackathons since our formation in June. GTUGKL plans to expand it community reach by introducing focused developer groups in Malaysia. We still have a long way to go,

3. What do you think of Google Wave and how will it change the next phase of the internet?

To me, Google Wave is an improved version of email, where the purpose of a Wave is focused on a conversation and how to collaborate with each other within that conversation. I see Google Wave as tool, not a life changing phase of the internet. That's because I see that the Wave concept is similar to IRC, then IM, then Twitter. It will change the way you work, but nonetheless, the context (which is the conversation) remains the same.

4. How is your experience developing on the wave? And, how do you think

In one short sentence, developing for Google Wave has been quite an experience. I'm not a Python nor a Java programmer, so diving into a new language and hacking a Wave robot at the same time has been quite nerve wrecking. But the experience in understanding the concepts of Google Wave project has provided me with some insights about the future possible use of Wave.

5. Give us a brief overview about the code you will introduce in Wave?

I will introduce GuaRockYou, a dead simple assistant robot for Google Wave. GuaRockYou helps you to search from Google & search for maps from Google Maps. New features like news aggregator, Twitter & others will be implemented as the project goes along. GuaRockYou was built in Python and it's source code is available for everyone to download, modify and use to start their own projects. You can download the source code at http://gempaq.googlecode.com

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