Nov 15, 2009

Summary of the Wave Event

SG- GTUG hosted an event on the theme- Google Wave on 31st October at the Google Office.
The event was attended by 68 people. The event flow was a brief demo and introduction of Wave followed by various API's on Wave. The starlight attraction of this event was Pamela Fox- who presented live from Australia announced that all attendees of the event will be given Wave Accounts- developer ( sandbox) or non- developer ones.

She gave a demo on Wave which showcased few API's and an overview of the entire platform. She started from the the most elementary feature of Wave which is starting a Wave and how one can start mini conversations, threads ( wavelets) within a wave and also the functionality of real time features such as - replay, edit,playback etc.
The play back feature can help one see history of messages incase one gets lost amongst nested waves!
Edit can help you edit any content on the way by you or by other users on that wave.

She then spoke on the protocol aspect of Wave. Wave is open source. The other point is that Google doesn't want to be the only " wave provider". Users can provide servers too and one can test their servers across other wave servers! which highlights the communication across servers. This aspect is important since it shows the importance Google is giving to wave service providers and not just the design of Wave.

For the developers as mentioned above, wave has been made open source. The robots and gadgets can help developers explore Wave more. To explain what the robot is it sits there,- and looks at what you do so every time you finish a piece of work ( done) - this robot is called ( for developers) e.g Emoticons- they are the most famous robots.
Gadgets on the other hand gadgets help you " jazz" up the conversation- not just limit to plain text. It is a mini web page shared across participants.e.g. chess playing gadgets, event planning gadgets.

Embedders are another feature which make the Wave more useful and unique.Embedders help to take content outside the wave for e.g. if you want to put content on wordpress from wave. It is important for content management.

Nazrul from KL- GTUG was suppose to present on Gua Rock You but he ended up presenting on different API's on wave. One of the API's he introduced was a customer service robot- where you ca put common ques and responses for viewers to see.

Then Lim Chee Aun presented on Pentagoo on Wave. Pentagoo is a multi player game. Developing on wave isn't like Java. One has to think of it like states.

Shunjie presented on video conferencing using Wave. It was a great presentation as he showed how his API emulated various technologies like that from wave, flash and Adobe Stratus. Adobe stratus is used to allow flash to connect to server by ' near Id' which is like an IP Address to locate other users in wave. Wave passes info to flash, like user information and then flash connects to other waves by using the Stratus.

Last but not the least we ended the event with a presentation by Varun, a student from Singapore Management University who has just started an SG- GTUG club at SMU.

Overall the event was a great success. The most important part being that people got to learn and have fun simultaneously.

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