Dec 31, 2009

Interview with Lim Chee Aun, creator of Pentagon on Wave

> 1. Tell us something about yourself.

I'm a web designer and developer from Malaysia, who just started
working here for Wego, a travel search engine site, about two months

> 2. How has your experience been using the Google Wave.

It's been pretty good. There are few rough edges here and there, but
the documentation and discussion groups are fine to get around them.
Among all features, I really love the live typing feature in Google

> 3. What is your perspective on how apps such as your gaming one will change
> the way people interact?

With the real-time conversation feature, it's interesting to see how
people interact in Wave. It's like IRC, IM, email, and wiki site all
combined into one. It applies to situations where people use IM
because of its real-time chatting, email because you can send files
and archive them, IRC because you can group chat with anyone, and wiki
because everyone can modify content together. Things may get a little
confusing, but I'm sure people will spend some time to get used to it.

> 4. How do you think that Google Wave will change social media, such as
> twitter and facebook?

I think Google Wave will assist in making conversations more lively,
aside being just on Twitter and Facebook. Basically, I see Wave as a
whole new communication medium which is quite an interesting attempt
done by Google.

> 5. Give us a brief overview about the code you will introduce in Wave

I'll be introducing an award-winning board game ported to the web and
the Wave. It's written in JavaScript as a Wave Gadget and implements
almost everything out of the provided API. I'll be revealing some tips
and tricks plus my experience when developing this game.

Interested? Come join us at the Wave Event on 31st @ Google Office in Singapore!

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