Dec 31, 2009

Interview with Pamela Fox the Wave Googler!

Pamela interviewed with SG- GTUG on her journey to Wave !

1. Tell us something about yourself and since when have you been with Google.

I actually started working for Google while I was still doing my masters degree in Computer Science, about 3 years ago. It was hard balancing homework and Google - Google is more fun! I was supporting the Maps APIs then, and as of a few weeks ago, I am now supporting developers using the Wave APIs.

2. What's your role in the Google Wave project

My role is developer relations. That means helping developers use our API, encouraging more developers to use it, and communicating the developer's needs to the engineering team. It involves writing sample code, articles, and blog posts, speaking at conferences, and my favorite, filing bugs. :)

3. Brief insight about Google Wave

For me, Google Wave solves a problem that I have today with the web: there are too many ways to communicate (wikis, blogs, emails), and it's too hard to pick the best way for each situation. Now, I can always pick Wave. :)

4. Google wave is open to developers. How has the developer's response been.

Really, really enthusiastic! I've never seen such an excited response for a new product in my time at Google. It does make it harder for us, as we need to keep up with all the feature requests they throw at us, but then again, it makes us easier for us to develop the APIs when the developers show us so many examples of how it can be used.

5. How is Google Wave catered to the layman. What do you percieve as being the adoption rate of this technology amongst the non- technical genre of the public.

We've launched in early preview mode to non-developers now, and we've seen alot of interest from them, and we have a huge queue of people waiting to try it out. I imagine it will take a long time before everyone catches onto it -- but I think that the people who will benefit the most from it will catch on fast.

6. Since you've worked with both Google Wave and Google Maps- which one has been more exciting on a personal front.

Google Maps and Google Wave are very different APIs with different challenges. Supporting the Google Maps API 3 years ago was a huge learning experience -- we didn't have established ways of supporting developers at Google, so we invented a lot of those ways back then. Now that I'm supporting the Google Wave APIs, I can use all that experience and tackle new challenges, like getting developers to write user-friendly extensions.

7. Last year you visited Singapore for the Google Hackathon held in SMU. What is your view regarding the developer environment in Singapore.

There are some entepreneurs doing amazing stuff in Singapore, and I've been honored to see their demos in person. I think Singapore developers have great potential for making apps that appeal to the global market, since they are in an English-speaking country with a slightly Western culture. But, they can also bring a unique perspective. A win-win!

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