May 25, 2010

SG-GTUG Meet-up June 5. Theme: Google Monetization Technologies

Theme: Google's Monetization Technologies: Boost your Business the Google Way!
Venue: Level 35, 8 Shenton Way (Temasek towers) S068811
Map: at the end of this post (click more)

Meet-up schedule:

  1. 12:30 - 01:00pm: Registration
  2. 01:00 - 01:10pm: Announcements by SG-GTUG
  3. 01:10 - 01:55pm: Talk 1 -- Dipanjan Chaudari: Google AdWords: “Online Advertising by Google”
  4. 01:55- 02:20pm: Talk 2 -- Jean Michoud:Google MobileAds: “Small Screen, Big Opportunities!”
  5. 02:20 - 02:50pm: Talk 3 -- Melissa Ann Chan: Google AdSense: “Earn $$ from relevant ads on your online content”
  6. 02:50 - 03:05pm: Refreshments & Networking
  7. 03:05 - 03:30pm: Talk 4 --Rachit Dayal: Google Analytics: “Metrics to Monitor”
  8. 03:30 - 04:30pm: Talk 5 --Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar: Google Analytics: “Insight into Analytics”
  9. 04:30 - 04:45pm: Upcoming event announcements, Q & A
  10. 04:45 - 05:15pm: Refreshments & Networking & Meet up adjournment

Please proceed to the registration form to register for this meet up now.

  • Note 1: On site registrations will not be available if the capacity is reached through online registrations.
  • Note 2: You are encouraged to bring your laptop as presentation slides and other materials will be made available online.

###Talk 1

Title: Google AdWords: “Online Advertising by Google”

Create and run ads for your business quickly and simply using Google AdWords. Ads will be displayed on search results and Google network. In that way, you are sure you are advertising to an audience that is already interested in your products and the best thing is you pay only when they click on your ads!

Dipanjan Chaudari will be giving a comprehensive introduction to Google AdWords and will go through the fundamental concepts behind creating a good advertising Campaign. Learn more about effective keywords and understand the basic concepts to get you started right away advertising your business with Google AdWords.

Dipanjan is a Business Acquisition Manager focusing on the Technology, Education & Retail markets for Google's acquisition efforts in Southeast Asia.  He specializes in strategic business solutions and conducts research in the industry sector to develop strategies that capitalize on market potential. Dipanjan comes from a traditional advertising background and has driven advertising strategies for clients such as Unilever, before moving to Google in 2005. He loves to read in his spare time and is an amateur photographer.

###Talk 2

Title: Google MobileAds: “Small Screen, Big Opportunities!”

Reach your audience whenever and wherever they are looking for you by easily extending your online campaigns to mobile. The mobile wave is here so be quick to ride on it by engaging with your audiences on the go!

Jean Michoud is here to convince you, with market facts and figures, that you should be already leveraging that small screen to get you big opportunities. Target your campaigns for both the high-end phones or WAP phones and witness that boost in your business. Jean will walk you through the steps into creating MobileAds and share with you interesting Singapore-based case studies.

Jean is a Senior Campaign Strategist in Online Sales for Google Southeast Asia. Focusing on the Retail, Technology and Education markets, he advises on and executes online advertising plans for Google clients across Google's search, display and mobile marketing products. Prior to moving to Singapore, Jean worked in Google's Dublin office, where he was involved in Google AdWords acquisitions efforts, notably in helping roll out Google's mobile ad offerings in Europe. 

###Talk 3

Title: Google AdSense: “Earn $$ from relevant ads on your online content”

Do you create original content and post it online? Use Google AdSense to earn money from your online content with relevant advertising. Since its inception in 2003, AdSense continues to deliver innovative monetization solutions for all forms of online content - from websites, video, feeds, mobile, and search.

Mel Ann Chan will cover the latest developments and technologies from the AdSense program, and explain why AdSense is different from other ad networks. She’ll also be sharing with you tips on being a successful AdSense publisher, illustrated by local and international case studies.

Mel Ann is the JAPAC Publisher Engagement Lead with the Google AdSense Team forming communications programs and product marketing initiatives. Previously in Sydney office, Mel Ann was taking on roles to build AdSense partnerships with Australian and New Zealand online publishers, she specializes in advising clients on content monetization strategies and identifying opportunities to grow ad revenue for AdSense partners. Before Google, Mel Ann has held business management positions at the digital creative agency Tribal DDB. A true Google geek even when she's not at work, Mel uses the Google Maps application on her Nexus One to explore Singapore and travel around the region, and is addicted to her Google Reader feeds.

###Talk 4

Title: Google Analytics: “From Metrics to Monitor”

Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that analyses your website traffic and tells you things which you should know to enhance your marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way.

Rachit Dayal will explain the importance of tracking and Web Analytics for your marketing campaigns. Navigating you through the Google Analytics interface and elaborating the essential metrics and web analytics phrases that need to be understood, you will now know your Bounce Rate to ensure your users don’t get instantly turned off by your site. He will quickly train you to read the right Google Analytics reports to seem like an instant web expert and you can go ahead apply analytics for your websites with confidence!

Rachit is a specialist in Web Analytics, SEO & Online Marketing / Conversion. He is Singapore’s first Google AdWords and Google Analytics Qualified Individual and having been a designer for 11 years and a web consultant for 6 years, Rachit has created over $5 million of sales from his websites. He runs Happy Marketer Pte Ltd and is its Principal Consultant. Happy Marketer is one of Singapore’s leading digital marketing agencies focusing on Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing & Conversion Consulting. Apart from this, Rachit is also a master practitioner of NLP, Master Hypnotist & Expert Copy writer.

###Talk 5

Title: Google Analytics: “Insight into Analytics”

With deeper understanding of Google Analytics, you’re more prepared to write better targeted ads, strengthen you marketing initiatives and create higher converting websites.

Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar a.k.a Vinny will unscrew the nuts and bolts behind Google Analytics and show you how GA works. In this insightful hour, you will be exposed to GA’s asynchronous tracking code and understand event tracking with GA. Vinny will walk through GA for rich content platforms (Flash, flex, Silverlight) and non-website (iPhone, Android) and Google Website Optimizer. He will also complete the session by giving you an overview of the AdWords API.

Vinny is the Google Analytics Asia-Pacific Lead for Google's Global Technical Services organization. Vinny’s Web 2.0 expertise comes into play when he provides strategic counsel to advertisers, agencies and partners on the use of free measurement platforms such as Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer.  His objective is to help partners enhance their online presence to increase Web site traffic flow and revenue, all without spending a single cent. Prior to Google, Vinny's entrepreneurial spirit led him to work at startups in Australia as a web applications developer and he is highly knowledgeable on PHP, HTML, CSS, AJAX, and Python.  In his spare time you can catch him tweeting about online measurement (of course!) and what's new and innovative on the web.

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