Sep 9, 2010

SG-GTUG Meet-up September 18. Theme: Android

Theme: Android
Venue: Level 35, 8 Shenton Way (Temasek towers) S068811
Map: at the end of this post (click more)

Meet-up schedule:

  1. 12:30 - 01:00pm: Registration
  2. 01:00 - 01:10pm: Announcements by SG-GTUG
  3. 01:10 - 01:55pm: Talk 1 "NDK Programming" (SQLSTAR)
  4. 01:55 - 02:40pm: Talk 2 "Multimedia Application Development on Android" (Muvee Technologies)
  5. 02:40 - 03:00pm: Refreshments & Networking
  6. 03:00 - 03:45pm: Talk 3 "Android Power Management" (Continental Automotive)
  7. 03:45 - 04:15pm: Talk 4 "Socialwok for Mobile Collaboration - Leveraging Android for
    Enterprise Collaboration" (Socialwok)
  8. 04:15 - 04:30pm: Upcoming event announcements, Q & A



Please proceed to the registration form to register for this meet up now.

  • Note 1: On site registrations will not be available if the capacity is reached through online registrations.
  • Note 2: You are encouraged to bring your laptop as presentation slides and other materials will be made available online.

Talk 1: Android NDK Programming by Bharathi Subramanian

In this talk, speaker will discuss about the NDK and the technique used to link the Android Application with Android Native Code using few examples.

About the speaker:
Bharathi Subramanian is working as a Principal Consultant in Embinux
Team of International SQLStar. He has nearly 11 years of
experience in the embedded domain. Currently, he manages the Embedded Linux, Android Porting and Android Training projects.

Talk 2: Multimedia Application Development on Android by Mohan KRK

In this talk, the speaker will focus on developing rich Audio, Video and Image (using OpenGL-ES) applications using Android's SDK and NDK.

About the speaker:
Mohan is working as a Senior Engineer at Muvee Technologies. He has nearly 5 years experience developing software applications for Mobile Devices running Symbian, Android, OSE Epsilon and proprietary OS. Currently, he is developing Video editing applications for Android devices.

Talk 3: Power Management in Android by Renaldo Noma

In this talk, speaker will discuss about the power management module and it's functionality. This will be more from Android Kernel point of

About the speaker:
Renaldo Noma is working as a Software Architect in Continental Automotive Singapore. He has 7 years of experience in Embedded System. Currently he is working on Android based Automotive Infotainment System, AutoLinQ.

Talk 4: Socialwok for Mobile Collaboration - Leveraging Android for Enterprise Collaboration by

Socialwok for Android allows businesses and organizations to empower their workers with collaboration capabilities. Workers can now share, archive and search your company information from their mobile phones. We will demonstrate a mobile service that leverages Android APIs for Google Apps, Google account authentication, local application and contact data synchronization.

About the speaker:
Ming Yong is the CEO of Socialwok.

Please proceed to the the REGISTRATION FORM if you are coming for the event, to help us speed up the onsite registration.

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