Oct 6, 2014

GDG DevFest 2014 Invitation, Speakers and Programme

What is a DevFest ?

DevFest is an annual developer-focused event that GDG (Google Developer Group) chapters organizers worldwide. In this annual event, the latest technologies from Google are presented and discussed. DevFest purpose is to educate respective local developers on the opportunities ahead of them in new sunrise technologies.

What is happening at this event ?

GDG Singapore will organize our 4th annual DevFest on Oct 25 2014. The focus of this year's DevFest is on new and upcoming wearable market. We plan to cover several aspects of wearable development including User Experience (UX) based design, introductory software development, cross-platform UI development. We will also be covering the latest developments in Google Cloud Platform that is typically used as a scalable backend for user-centric devices such as Android Wear, Glass, Phones and Tablets.

GDG Singapore believes that wearable has a big opportunity for Singapore-based developers, startups and enterprises. In order to maximize the impact, this event is co-organized with IEEE computer society (Singapore chapter) and ITE. Various partners including Singapore Computer Society, The Hub Singapore, Startup Grind, Big Data user group and other new media channels support GDG Singapore DevFest 2014. Supporting organisations include IDA and Google.

What are the primary audience ?

The primary audiences for a DevFest are software developers, UX designers, Project leaders and managers who are keen to learn more about new Google technologies.

Who are the speakers and what are they presenting ?

We have secured 9 speakers for this DevFest and in total they will be presenting 10 presentations. The speaker associations are provided within “()” and the respective topics are provided after '-'.

1. Lee Lup Yuen (IOT consultant) - Sensors and Google Apps Platform
2. Ted Kilian (Brilliant Basics) – UX Basics
3. Taylor Ling (GDE Android, MY) – UX on Android
4. Ted Kilian (Brilliant Basics) – How to do a Design Sprint
5. Bharathi Subramanian (GDG Singapore) – Android Wear
6. S. P. T. Krishnan (GDG Singapore) – Google Cloud Platform
7. Loretta TIOIELA – Introduction to Polymer
8. Amrit Sanjeev^ (Google India) – Introduction to Material design
9. John Berns (BigData.sg) – New developments on Big Data
10. Karthikeyan Rajasekharan (Google Singapore) – Containers, Kubernetes
^ Over hangout

What is the schedule ?

08:00AM - 08:45AM: Registration, Payment
08:45AM - 09:00AM: "Welcome address" by Dr Louis Shue
09:00AM - 09:45AM: "UX in a Wearable World" by Ted Kilian
09:45AM - 10:30AM: "Ingredients of an awesome android app" by Taylor Ling
10:30PM - 11:15PM: "Rapid IoT experimentation and analytics with SIGFOX and Google Tools" by Lee Lup Yuen
11:15AM - 12:00PM: "Material design basics" by Amrit Sanjeev (over hangout)
12:00PM - 01:15PM: Lunch
01:15AM - 02:00PM: "Introduction to Android Wear" by Bharathi Subramian
02:00PM - 02:45PM: "Introduction to Polymer" by Loretta TIOIELA
02:45PM - 03:30PM: "Design sprints: what, how, and why" by Ted Kilian
03:30PM - 03:45PM: Coffee & lollipop
03:45PM - 04:30PM: "Containers & Kubernetes" by Karthikeyan Rajasekharan
04:30PM - 05:15PM: "New developments in Big Data" by John Berns
05:15PM - 06:00PM: "Overview of Google Cloud " by Dr S.P.T.Krishnan
06:00PM - 06:15PM: Closing address, Lucky draw

Registration is now OPEN.
Please register at http://bit.ly/gdg-sg-df14

Looking forward to your participation!

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