Jun 3, 2017

Data Science and Machine Learning

We welcome you to an evening at Google, where we have experts talk about Machine Learning and Google’s Data Products and tools.

Introduction to ML with TensorFlow using Keras by Karthik Muthuswamy (Google Developer Expert)

Machine learning has gained widespread prominence from enterprise-level integration to app-level usage of ML algorithms to propose innovative solutions. In this session, we introduce some fundamental concepts of machine learning. We discuss methods for identifying machine learning problems and understand the need for data analysis in order to propose solutions using ML. We discuss approaches for beginners of ML using the high-level APIs and Keras, both available in TensorFlow.

Serverless Approach to Data Processing on GCP by Gaurav Anand (Google)

Synopsis: Data processing needs and capabilities have changed over years. This talk will take you through the different approaches of serverless data processing on Google Cloud Platform. Focus on insights and not administration.

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