Oct 23, 2009

Google Wave ~ 31st October ~ SG- GTUG


1:30-2:00pm Registration
2:00-2:10pm Announcements by SG-GTUG
2:10-2:45pm Talk + Demo 1 -- Pamela Fox: Google Wave APIs Overview (via VC)
2:45-3:10pm Talk + Demo 2 -- Nazrul Kamaruddin: Hello Roboto!
3:10-3.30pm Break for refreshments
3:30-3:55pm Talk + Demo 3 -- Lim Chee Aun: Pentago on Wave
3:55-4:20pm Talk + Demo 4 -- Shinchi: Video Conferencing with Google Wave!
4:20-4:30pm Upcoming Google Wave Hackathon, SG-GTUG matters, prize giving, Q&A
4:30pm onwards Refreshment & mingle

### TALK 1 ###

Google Wave Overview (by Pamela Fox, Google Developer Relations joining us via video conferencing from Sydney, Australia)

Googler Pamela Fox will introduce the three P's of Google Wave - Product,Protocol and Platform with a demo! She'll then delve deeper on the platform aspect, covering the range of APIs offered - from Robots to Gadgets and finally ending it with a live coding walkthrough.

### TALK 2 ###

Hello Roboto! (by Nazrul Kamaruddin, GTUG Kuala Lumpur)

A rockstar approach to build a simple search robot for Google Wave. Brief discussion on several types of robots that you can build with the Wave API, experiences while building a robot & also a demo of GuaRockYou - a simple search robot , which is available as an open source project.

### TALK 3 ###

Pentago on Wave (by Lim Chee Aun, Web Developer for Wego.com)

Introducing an award-winning board game ported on to the Wave platform. This talk will reveal background information on the game, it's demo and detailed steps on how its code is implemented using Google Wave.

### Talk 4 ###

Video Conference on Google Wave! (by Shinchi, Developer for Seesmic Web)

Shinchi will showcase how you can create a Gadget that enables participants to video conference via Wave. He will also highlight upcoming technology that will enable you to record & save the conference.

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