Dec 31, 2009

Dec 5th- Gogle maps & Earth explored!

Come and join us to explore the Earth with Google maps and Earth!

Speakers include Andrew Mc Glinchey from Google, Jon peterson from Buuk and Singeo and many more.....!!


On behalf of the SG-GTUG Executive Committee, I'd like to invite you
to attend our third SG-GTUG meet-up on December 5th. The theme for
this meeting is Google Maps/Earth. Firstly, Andrew McGlinchey (Google
Singapore) will give an overview of Google's Geo technologies. This is
followed by 2 local companies sharing their experiences in
incorporating Google Maps into their products. We will conclude with
another brief demo.

Check out the details below:

SG-GTUG Meet-up
Date: Saturday, December 5, 2009
Time: 11am - 1:30pm
Theme: Google Maps/Earth
Location: Google Singapore, 8 Shenton Way 35th floor, Singapore 068811

Talk + Demo 1 — Andrew McGlincheyTitle: “Building the geoweb together”
(Google Singapore)
Talk + Demo 2 — Jeremy Lee: “ A real-life usage of
Google Maps as the primary organization technology for a property
analytics portal in Singapore” (Streetsine)
Talk + Demo 3 — Jon Petersen: “Geo-location on mobile devices” (Buuuk)
Demo 4 — Ritesh Kalra: “Online Delivery System, a Computing Innovation
and Design Project”


We hope to see you at the event! Thank you and happy googling!

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