Dec 31, 2009

First meetup on 29 August

Thanks to everyone who came to our very first meetup on 29 August.

There was a turnout of a little more than 140 people in total, which was quite fantastic. Although there were some concerns about possible size of the audience, thanks to the spacious venue and plenty of refreshments, sponsored by Google Singapore, everything went well without any major hiccups.

The theme for the first SG-GTUG meetup was Google App Engine and Google Web Toolkit. We invited folks from Socialwok and Seesmic to share their experiences and tips in using AppEngine and GWT to develop their respective products. The presentations were structured not as routine tutorials but more as examples to showcase innovative solutions to real-life problems which are part-and-parcel in developing deployable web applications. During the demo sessions, there were some very lively exchanges during the Q&A session, with the issue of monetarization seeming to be a main concern for quite a few people.

The presentation slides are included below for your reference. There is also a YouTube link of the proceedings for the day.

Finally a big thanks to Google Singapore for providing a nice venue and we hope to see you in our next monthly meetup!

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