Dec 30, 2009

Street View in Singapore

Google Street View for Singapore was officially introduced today. SG-GTUG was invited to attend the launch event. According to Google, Singapore is the first country in Southeast Asia to have Street View. This is hot on the heels of the recent announcement of Google's collaboration with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) to help commuters get to their destination around Singapore faster and easier with new Google maps feature.

Here is the official press release of Street View launch.

What new cool features can be expected?

Well, apart from the speedy navigation and relatively recent shots of streets in Singapore (the photos were taken in late 2008 and early 2009, over a period of few months), three features seem to stand out.
  1. Resolution of images: During the demo, it was even possible to read the writing on street parking signs.
  2. Link up with local businesses: Google maps can now be used to search for your favourite food, complete with reviews, ratings and Street View. There are provisions for business owners to provide additional and up-to-date information for any promotions, etc.
  3. Mobile maps: By making use of the gyro sensor in an Android smartphone, when the orientation of the phone is changed the view in Street View will change accordingly.

Andrew McGlinchey, Google's Head of Product Management in Southeast Asia, who presented during the launch event is also one of the speakers lined up for December's SG-GTUG meetup. Come and find out more first-hand about the useful APIs and new feature. RSVP @

Q & A session.

Photo opportunity!

Full-screen shot of Street View.

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