Mar 26, 2010

Singapore GTUG's 1st Meetup for 2010 on April 17. Theme: Google App Engine++

Good Morning,

We are happy to announce the 1st meet-up for 2010 which will happen on 17 April 2010. We have lined up 4 exciting technical talks and 2 project/event announcements for this meet up. We hope that you will join us for a fun and informative afternoon!

Theme: Google App Engine++
Venue: Level 35, 8 Shenton Way (Temasek towers) S068811
Map: at the end of this post (click more)

Please proceed to the registration form to register for this meet up now.

Note 1: On site registrations will not be available if the capacity is reached through online registrations.

Note 2: You are encouraged to bring your laptop as presentation slides and other materials will be made available online.

Meet up schedule:

12:30 - 01:00pm: Registration
01:00 - 01:10pm: Announcements by SG-GTUG
01:10 - 01:40pm: Show & Tell 1 -- Junda Ong: Using App Engine for mobile apps
01:40 - 02:10pm: Show & Tell 2 -- Stephan February: Securing your Grails webapp on App Engine
02:10 - 02:20pm: Short Talk 1 -- Johan Sellstrom & Mikael Karon: Intro to OpenSocialGraph
02:20 - 02:30pm: Short Talk 2 -- Sneha Menon: Curtain raiser to Echelon 2010
02:30 - 02.45pm: Refreshments & Networking I
02:45 - 03:15pm: Show & Tell 3 -- Sandra and Chris BoeschBuilding globally scalable games with Python, Django, and the Google App Engine / Finding The Next Starfighter!
03:15 - 03:45pm: Show & Tell 4 -- Varun Agarwal: Google App Engine 101
03:45 - 04:00pm: Upcoming event announcements, Q & A
04:00 - 04:30pm: Refreshments & Networking II & Meet up adjournment

Show & Tell 1 : Junda Ong : "Using App Engine for mobile apps"
I will discuss on how I use AppEngine (Java) for the development of SG 4D, one of the most popular Singapore iPhone app. The presentation will cover the technologies and techniques that I have used, such as framework for AppEngine, data mining, and Android.

Show & Tell 2 : Stephan February : Securing Grails on Google AppEngine
Description: The speaker will demonstrate how one should go about
providing authentication for your GAE Grails application using a
combination of Spring Security, OpenID and OAuth. The basics of OpenID
and OAuth will be discussed.

Short Talk 1 : Johan Sellstrom & Mikael Karon : Introduction to Open Social Graph
The presenters will share the new open source project aiming to make sense of the multiple social connections across multiple social networks. Google App Engine has been selected as the platform for hosting this project. The speakers will discuss how AppEngine is useful for doing this successfully and what other technologies (primarily Google APIs) will be used in this regard. Currently members of Singapore GTUG are volunteers in carrying out the project. This will be a callout to all developers in Singapore to contribute using Google Code project hosting platform.

Short Talk 2 : Sneha Mohan : A curtain raiser to Echelon 2010
The speaker will present a sneak preview of Echelon 2010 conference scheduled to happen in 1-2 June 2010 in Singapore. This conference has been rebranded from this year and previously was known as unconference.

...Networking Break...

Show & Tell 3 : Sandra & Chris Boesch Building globally scalable games with Python, Django, and the Google App Engine / Finding The Next Starfighter!
Sandra will walk us through the decision making process for developing a global, online game and discuss why Google App Engine is a suitable platform. There will be a preview of a new game being developed in Singapore which will be publicly launched later this year. Chris will give a short demo.

Show & Tell 4 : Varun Agarwal : Google App Engine 101
The Presenter will first introduce the Singapore Google Technology User Group @ SMU and showcase what has been done till now and discuss the future plans. The talk aims to capture technologies like Google App Engine from the perspective from an amateur developer. It also aims to go through chunks of code that make up an app engine app and study the variations that one can do with the same.

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