Jun 26, 2015

Google IO Extended 2015 - Singapore

GDG Singapore is happy to announce "Google IO Extended 2015". In this event, we will recap and extend some of the announcements made at the recent Google IO 2015 event in San Francisco.

What is a Google IO Extended?

To kick off, some of the announcements made at Google IO are briefly reviewed by Googler speakers. In addition, the speakers will provide more details of some of the recent Google's exciting developments!

Date: Friday 10 July
Time: 9am - 6pm
Registration link: http://goo.gl/9Uomot

EMCEE: Dr Louis Shue
Cofounder, GDG Singapore


08:00AM - 08:55AM: Registration and Coffee
08:55AM - 09:00AM: Welcome address
Dr S. P. T. Krishnan
Cofounder, GDG Singapore
Google Developer Expert - Google Cloud Platform

* Section 1: Google Cast *

09:00AM - 09:45AM: Talk 1 - Living Room Outreach with Chromecast
Takuo Suzuki
Developer Relations Japan Lead
Google Japan

09:45AM - 10:30AM: Talk 2 - Adding Cast to Android Application
Bharathi Subramanian
Principal Consultant
Auctorizium Pte Ltd. Singapore

10:30AM - 11:00AM: Refreshment break

* Section 2: App Design *

11:00AM - 11:45AM: Talk 3 - Material Design Year One
Takuo Suzuki
Developer Relations Japan Lead
Google Japan

11:45AM - 12:30PM: Talk 4 - Materialize your App: Lessons learnt from building a chat application
Mohit Kanwal
Software Engineer
Pie.co Singapore

12:30PM - 01:15PM: Talk 5 - Web animation and game development using HTML5
Yohan Totting
Google Developer Expert Chrome:HTML5
Thinkrooms Studio

01:15PM - 02:00PM: Networking lunch break 

* Section 3: Virtual Reality, App Indexing *

02:00PM - 02:45PM: Talk 6 - Card Board and VR
Yukio Andoh
UX Researcher, VR Experience Designer
Exa Corporation

02:45PM - 03:30PM: Talk 7 - Integrating with Search
Nicholas and Amrita
Strategic Partnership Development Managers
Google Singapore

03:30PM - 04:00PM: Refreshment break

* Section 4: Using Ads for monetisation *

04:00PM - 04:45PM: Talk 8 - Intelligent Monetisation with Google AdMob
Guy Newton
Apps Monetisation Manager, Australia and New Zealand
Google Singapore
Jeanny Haliman
Channel Marketing and Acquisitions Specialist
Google Singapore

04:45PM - 05:30PM: Talk 9 - Promote Your Mobile App in Minutes with AdWords
Minh Nguyen
Mobile Apps Activation Lead, SEA
Google Singapore

05:30PM - 05:35PM: Closing address
Mr Bharathi Subramanian
Community Manager
GDG Singapore

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