Apr 10, 2017

TensorFlow CodeLab

his 3Hrs instructor-led workshop introduces participants to TensorFlow - Google’s Machine Learning Open Source Library and provides hands-on sessions for the participants to get started with TensorFlow.

Dr Karthik Muthuswamy, Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning.

Who can attend:
  • Software Engineers (Mobile, Backend, Database Admins etc)
  • Software Managers who want a sneak peak on Machine Learning.
  • CS/IT Students who know basic programming.

  • Basic programming experience would be required for this hands-on session.
  • No prior knowledge of machine learning is required.
  • Bring your laptops (charged) for the session.
  • Please avoid Windows 8 machines.
  • Packages that need to be installed before attending the codelab:
    • Vagrant
    • VirtualBox
The content is very similar to the earlier code lab. Instead of using BigQuery, we will be using local data for the sessions, as it seems to be quite an effort to set up a Google Cloud account to just learn ML 101. There will be some additions to the content but the theme and learning would remain similar to the earlier event. Participants who have attended the earlier code lab can skip this session.

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